About Fabulous Wedding

Meet the face behind the Fabulous Wedding

Welcome back!

So you are interested in knowing more about me?

Well as you might already know, there is nothing more exciting to me than hearing from two love birds the word “Yes, I do” and bargain huntung and checklists of course! So let me tell you a bit about my experience. I have assisted during several weddings in different capacities. I provided full service wedding services, including styling,  have done wedding day coordinations, I DIYed with brides and showed them what you can do with a small budget (workshop). Also, I supported brides online, providing tips and tricks and inspirations to make their day fabulous.

In general, I would say that I  have always been a perfectionist and never liked to hear the words, “Its impossible”. In my opinion, nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit. With inspirations and out of the box thinking, I would like to support you in carrying  out your dreams, disregarding your budget!

Speaking of my education background, I have successfully absolved a Bachelor in Hotel Management, a PreMaster in Strategic Business Management and Marketing and to round it all of, a Master in International Business (Strategy & Innovation). In addition I have absolved a certificate in the Netherlands to become a Wedding Planner! I believe that all studies have prepared me to start this company Fabulous Wedding. Fabulous Wedding is a company that supports you in any stage of the wedding process. I believe in making your day special and customize any services you might render, to you, your budget and your involvement. So let’s start your wedding planning process with a bang!

Just random facts about me...
  • I am from Giessen, Germany, but live in Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • I’m obsessed with my tortoise, Rhudie and cat, Driesje
  • In my spare time I love DIYing and gardening
  • I love to sing in my car
  • I used to live in New Zealand and Dubai
  • I am scared of spiders. Like, really scared
  • One could say I am a shopaholic, especially bargain hunting – I bet I would be a great couponer, if I would live in the US
  • I’m addicted to Pinterest
  • I can’t function in the morning without coffee
  • I find painting furniture and other decor items to be really relaxing. I especially love spray painting

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