Hey y’all,

  • Are you a DIYer and like to plan everything yourself at your pace?
  • Do you want to enjoy your wedding and not organize last minute details to make sure everything runs smooth?
  • Do you want your family and friends to enjoy your wedding too and therefore rather hire an independent party, such as Fabulous Wedding?

You might want to ask a family member or a close friend to assist you, but let’s be real, the person that will be your coordinator will not be celebrating with you, but will be working and will need make sure that everything goes according to plan (unless wished otherwise). A coordinator will contribute to the success of your wedding by running a smooth coordination of vendors. He is responsible for correct timings and work behind the scenes. All, so you can be the center of the stage and have a fabulous wedding day. So let me be your wedding coordinator, so you can enjoy the fabulous day you deserve!

How does it work?

During our first face to face / Skype meeting, we will discuss the size of your wedding. Furthermore we will discuss details such as the location, the amount of suppliers hired or will be hiring and your rough agenda you (might) have sketched out. After that we will keep in touch. I will support you in writing a cohesive and structured wedding day plan. Couple of days prior to the wedding day, I will contact all your suppliers and keep in touch with them from there on. In case there is/ needs to be a supplier change due to unforeseen changes, we will get in contact with each other to discuss and decide for new suppliers.
In brief, during my wedding, how can Fabulous Wedding support me?

I will be your busy bee, meaning a hostess, wedding planner, and organizer, all-in-one. This will allow you to enjoy your fabulous day and leave the organizational aspects of the wedding up to Fabulous Wedding.

Price: starting at 599 € per day, depending on the bridals couple involvement

Contact me for further detailed information!

Photo Credits: Brandi Smyth Photography via Style me Pretty